Jesus Calling


Worship Me in the beauty of holiness. All true beauty reflects some of who I AM. I am working My ways in you: the divine Artist creating loveliness within your being. My main work is to clear out debris and clutter, making room for My Spirit to take full possession. Collaborate with Me in this effort by being willing to let go of anything I choose to take away. I know what you need, and I have promised to provide all of that -- abundantly!

Your sense of security must not rest in your possessions or in things going your way. I am training you to depend on Me alone, finding fulfillment in My Presence. This entails being satisfied with much or with little, accepting either as My will for the moment. Instead of grasping and controlling, you are learning to release and receive. Cultivate this receptive stance by trusting Me in every situation. 

Forgiveness is not your choice

Here’s some food for thought with your morning coffee today...

I have learned on my journey in this beautiful yet challenging life, that forgiveness is really hard, because we’re usually pretty emptied out, sucked dry, and spent with little or no love at all left from being hurt...but in my Worship time, Jesus revealed to me that it’s not my love that’s HIS! It’s the love of Jesus living inside of me. He will never dry out. He will never go empty, and He will never be spent!! My love in and of itself...can’t save, it can’t heal, and it doesn’t forgive...I’m just an empty vessel that is filled and fueled by Jesus!! So what He said to me was...your surrender to Me, takes My forgiveness to them! Don’t try to forgive them with your love Dawn...forgive them with Mine. Don’t hold back...Forgiveness is a miracle, and it’s not up to you to choose who’s worthy and who isn’t!!